Hey I remember the Mr. Wizzard show.. I emaild someone a list of cars that HID's are standard on. I think it was dezzy7 but cant swear to it.

just got the hid kit from hidexpress put in its ok no name on the heavy ass ballast the only good purt was the bulb went directly in the socket and the clip held it in and the wires plug right into the factory harness other than that id kill for and icemann kit
guess this will suffice for the moment then i will get another 1 and put them both in the jetta and get a better kit for the bike but other than that, i'm far from impressed
low quality poop aside from what was advertized on the website i will post pics of it illuminated when i get around to it but other than that dont waste your time with this booty ass kit you will be just as pissed as me and $240 poorer
..ok, let's bring this back to the front line..

I think there are enough of us here interested in a HID system. Why not make a custom set-up for, say, 40-50 systems? ..and guess who will put it together..
(..ICE, r u listening?..)


So I have a 2006 busa and I have leds in mine that are extremely bright. Paid 80 for both high and low beam and I have 1 of each left for spares or to sell for half of what I paid. Looks nice and have them in my cars also. I'll try to post a pic of product and light. Can get them. Just hit me up on Facebook. Christopher roth. Got a pic of me and my boy from Mount joy elizabethtown pa area.