Help!!?? 09 won't go into gear?


I know at this point I'll need to take it back to the dealer, but just wanted to ask the Busa family a couple questions. First has anyone experience the same, and second, what could be the problem?

My gears will not engage. I put it in first, the indicator reads first, I hear the click, but it still sits like its in neutral. I get the same through all gears.
I don't even have to engage the clutch in order to do this either. It's as if something inside there broke off.

I don't hear any odd noise, and my fluids (including oil) is full. I've tried rolling the bike around, and putting it in and out of 1st as well as 2nd, in hopes that it would engage, but again nothing, as if it's in neutral, although I can click through all gears and the indicator shows this as well. Bike has 677 miles on young for this.. :) Thoughts? What could be the cause of this? Does not seem indicative of a burned clutch, since I can still cycle through the gears...right? I dunno... What do you guys think?

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just a thought here.......But first off, as mentioned above I would not recommend doing too much, as the "Stealership" will Denie the claim :banghead:
But, I have had this "false gear engaugment" myself st times....Not to the extent your saying though! Have you made any adjustments to the shifter linkages(Possible its not right)? Maybe something has came loose and is not giving complete throw of shifter arm? Just a thought.....Good Luck with it. :beerchug:


If it is going through all gear positions and you hear it clicking into gears,and also the bike will not go into 1st gear even without clutch and bike running.sounds like you have sheared the output shaft.if that is the case you are looking at 1500 +bucks parts and labor.if you were close to me i would do it for bout 850 parts and labor.stealership will charge 400 just to tear engine down.output shaft is bout 375 bucks by itself.ive already replace mine when i broke a drive chain. Good luck:banghead: reread post.and the bike only has 677 miles on it.possibly a clutch issue but it doesnt explain the not going into gear without using the clutch and even rolling it.could possibly be a shift for broken off not allowing it to engage.


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A couple other guys had a small pin up in the clutch lever assembly that goes i think between the lever and into the clutch master cylinder. The pin got dislodged and cocked at an angle and kept the clutch disengaged. Pull the clutch lever off and check the pin that pushes in the valve to make sure it's not wedged or stuck.??? Good luck and if this isn't it take it back.


Well I take that calls me today saying Suzuki will not warranty it. They are calling it Operator Error or Bad maintenance that caused this. Come on now...I called Suzuki the rep was useless, he just re-read something from a script, and apologized. They are saying 1st through 6 is gone, and I'm looking at roughly $1700. This is insane. I'm thinking of getting the bike back from them...cause if I'm gonna spend that type of money, I rather have some high performance stuff installed, versus another stock set up....


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Operator error and bad maintenance? What are they saying you did wrong? How long have you had the bike and how many miles?


wow! This is crazy! Im subsribed!

I had a suzuki problem but I decided not to take it to the dealership because I figured the same thing would happen and would just waste my time on getting it fixed. The numb nuts at the factory stripped the nut out that holds the clutch back limiter. I mean it was severe!


677 miles on an 09 and you have no gears, and Suzi is saying operator error or bad maintainence to the tune of 1700 bucks ??? Obviously we aren't hearing the whole story here, but it is good reading :laugh:


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Hmmmmm.........sounds like Suzuki looks for any excuse not to honor warranty. You mentioned they stated the problem may be due to "bad maintenance".
Does that mean that with 677 miles on the clock that you might have neglected to do the 600 mile servive? I know that service would be completely unrelated to your problem, but did you in deed have it done or can you prove that it was done by you?

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