Real simple............
What kind of helmet do you have, and what influenced you to buy it. What do you think is the best helmet and why. If price weren't an object what kind of helmet would you own??


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Arai is probly the Cadillac of helmets but $700 is kinda steap, but then again whats your melon worth? I like the KBC VR1 for $190.00 its cool, quiet and is a fiber glass blend composite which provides a crumple zone much safer than plastic. And the KBC was a huge improvement over my Bell and is even more areodynamic les buffering at highspeed.
good stuff!

Arai is no better than any other medium quality Helmet. Use what ever fits your head and isnt made with cheap Thermoplastic. look at the weight of the Helmet also,heavy helmets is fatigue your neck.
I've got a Shoei RF-9(? I think) Orbit. Can't remember the exact model number...

I love it. Now, its my first and only helmet, so I have no comparison, but its great.
Arai was my helmet of choice because of the comfort and the high rating. They are a little pricey but hey, I think my head is worth it!

p.s. Nice helmet Hawaii, I have similar stickers on my gray Arai.
im rockin the shoei tz-1. perfect fit for my chubby cheeks. with all the others i would have had to ride with my mouth open.hehe.
Shoei RF-900 painted by Gixx1300r. You can also order similiar helmets OEM from Suzuki. I'm very happy with my custom helmet though. Its nice to support Hayabusa Enthusiasts for a change.
Any helmet that has dot and snell 2000 are good helmets the snell rating means more rigorous testing . I used to use a Shoei rf-800 which is a great helmet, after I met a Arai rep at the NY bike show he convinced me to buy an Arai. There are a lot of good quality helmets out there, but after he explained how a helmet should fit I realised I had it all wrong I went from large to medium with a perfict fit in a quantum/f the Arai is amore expensive helmet but has a lot of features that fit me.sorry for being so winded.
Thanks guys for all the feedback. I've now narrowed my helmet list down to an Aria Quantum/f $330, Aria Signet/GT $336, or the Shoe Xsp-II $455. I'm gonna get the HJC Symax for an alternate helmet ($185)--(i wear glasses).


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