Heli + 3/4" GenMar w/ Puig Z Racing Screen


Currently have Heli's and Puig Z-Racing Screen and want to add the 3/4" GenMar Risers on my K8. From all that I have read through Searching this Forum I am just trying to confirm 3 items :

1) I should only have to re-route the Choke Cable through the space between the 2 bolts for the Gas Tank and not lengthen any other cables ?

2) Do I have to disconnect the Choke Cable or can I just move it over ?

3) Will my Puig Z-Racing Screen work with a little dremeling along the sides or do I totally ruin the integrity of the screen ?

Really appreciate everyone's help, have done all my mods myself through tips and advice from you guys !!!!!



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No mods needed at all.. Samm has done this same mod to his '08.. :thumbsup:

I should say you do need to adjust your clutch and brake lever down a tad bit, but I beleave that is all.. send Samm a pm to make sure.
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