puig z racing install


i just ordered a z racing screen and im curious how much work is involved in installing it does anyone have a step by step walkthrough or could u post one any advice would be great thanks


I have the exact same windscreen....love it!

Sorry I don't have a step-by-step persay, but it is not difficult. Remove the 2 screws and then pull out the grommets and align the screen. The grommets might give up a 'lil fight, but they'll come out eventually.

As far as aligning it up....goes a lot easier w/ two sets of hands I can tell you that.


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The grommets are a bit of a pain. You can start to get them out by sticking a small screwdriver right down in there and working them around some. Not around the side, but actually down the hole in the grommet. Try not to pull on the thin rubber at the top rim, as it can tear easily. After those are out, the stock screen slides right out. The new screen should be a very tight fit. I had to slightly flatten (bend) mine to get it into the slots on both sides. I was afraid it might break, but a few thousand miles later, it's still intact. Lube the grommets with a drop of liquid soap and they'll go right back in with no trouble at all. Put the two screws back in and you're good to go. DO NOT over-tighten those screws. They don't need to be very tight, and you could crack the windscreen.

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