Having problems with my 2011 busa starting (help)

ky busa

I bought my bike new and it currently has 15,000 miles on her. I dont water wash but, i have got caught 2 x in the rain since ownership. Over the last few days whether the engine is hot or cold, i try to start it i push the starter button and there is a 2 to 4 second delay before cranking. The gages do there sweep like normal when i turn the key on. Head light appears to be bright when the key in on. After the delays starting it cranks normal. I have checked for loose connections, nothing appears to be loose. I am wondering if may be it is the beginning of the battery getting weak. Because sometimes it does crank faster then other times. While the bike was still under warrenty i tried to get the dealer ship to give me a new battery. I bought the bike as a left over model in 2012. My gen 2 has never cranked as good as my gen 1. Just was wondering if i am looking for a new battery in the near future. Give me some suggestions.
It could be the starter button on the handle bars, maybe some water got in there and contacts are not making a good connection.
Rain , water washes, the bike is designed for this. You probably don't want to hold the pressure washer nozzle within inches of the controls for minutes at a time or ever but everything else is normal duty.

I have over 42 K miles on my '08. It has been taken in the rain many a time. All summer for instance, since it rained all but three days this summer. I rode it in a pour down from Robbinsville N.C. to Spartanburg S.C. this spring. Ruined my helmet, the bikes fine, cranks every time on the factory battery.

Yes , I have water washed it six or seven times.

My bike had weak cranks in the beginning, but cranks fine now. Have you had the rectifier recall performed ? Do you ride regularly or a once every couple of weeks type guy ?

Could be the battery. You can have it load tested at just about any place that trades in auto parts.
Rectifier could be the issue as mentioned above. Unlike cars that send notices, I had to call in my vin to see if I was covered. BIG difference once they swapped it out.