GregBob on his Wing-video


Not sure who posted this but it's kinda fun.

Hit pause at max lean; especially near the end on the counterweight turns.

See? All the pics Tuf and I posted were REAL.

- Chester with Gold Wing Figure 8's[/url]

Mr Bogus

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Thanks for the inspiration as a new track day rider! of course you have good help but it still takes some built in talent to do so well I am sure.. now.. about the video..

that is cheating on a wing... they will almost stand up on the floorboards :rofl:

but really, the biggest thing most guys could use from that video? look where the riders eyes are going.. at no time does he look where he is, it is always where he wants the bike to go.. I found this works well on the busa doing uturns .. (that and being ready on clutch and throttle.. they seem to go into auto mode when your eyes are on the correct target)..

Falcon Wing

I have an 1800 Wing....and have only touched pegs ONCE, I had the suspension on "0" though.

Any pics of someone a busa doing this?

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