Got my spare parts from the previous owner...pretty funny stuff


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Previous owner delivered all the spare parts he had. A bike cover,some saddlebags,etc etc.

What was funny is I didn't know he had bought a full set of spare plastics. Chinese plastics. I got more plastic in my shop right now than a ChinaTown gift shop.

Funny lookin' stuff. Pretty cheesy,and the color doesn't match. My Gen II is gold,these plastics look more like copper.


cp 1.jpg

cp 2.jpg

cp 3.jpg

cp 4.jpg
I'm also guessing the abacus was broken that day and they lost count stuffing this krap into the boxes. I got doubles of the nose (all 3 pieces) and 2 belly pans.

I thought those counting things were pretty accurate. :laugh:


Man i look like you have way to many parts to play with!
Man i look like you have way to many parts to play with!

I have no idea what I'll do with all this stuff Gix.I've already spent a small fortune on OEM plastics to replace the damaged parts.(previous owner dropped it) I will probably sell this stuff to recoup some of my cost for the OEM's.

Parts are cool, butI think I like your shop better!

Thanks dude. It has morphed once or twice over the years. Started out fully equiped with tons of tools. Then morphed into the ultimate party-pit...pool table,foosball,ping-pong,air hockey,darts,axe and knife throwing,beer fridge,giant stereo,etc etc.

Now its going back to true form,including a lift.:thumbsup:
Gotta have me one of those soon.

Do they have returnable to recycle for 5 cents written on them anywhere?