Got my Busa yesterday, first impressions...


Hi everybody,

As some of you might remember, about a week ago I wrote about getting the Busa as my first bike. Well, after 3 weeks of waiting I took delivery of a '03 silver/grey Busa yesterday! Here's what's happened so far:

I was planning on testing a smaller bike before getting the Busa since I've never ridden a bike in my life. Unfortunately that wasn't possible because of cold weather and unexpected snowing during the last week or so. Certainly I could have waited a couple more days for the weather to clear up for another test session but I was just too anxious on getting the Busa as soon as it was ready for delivery.

Yesteday the salesguy called me and said the bike is all set up for delivery. Luckily the roads were dry and clean so I decided to go ahead and get the bike right away. I was given a good and thorough demonstration of the bike and I felt I knew just about everything I needed to know about the Busa. No amount of extra information would make it any easier to ride it. So we shook hands, he wished me luck and went back inside...

There I was, all alone with this monster bike, knowing that people were watching how I would do. You won't believe how scared I was at that point... Oh, one more thing: I'm now on the west side of Helsinki and I have to ride this bike back home which is on the opposite side of the city about 20 miles from here - and it's the 4 p.m. rush hour. So here we have a rookie motorist riding a Hayabusa through the capital of Finland in rush hour on Friday. Now that's a pretty stupid thing to do, right? (and I remember writing something about me being sensible and careful and therefore qualified to ride a Busa...)

So I climb on the bike, start it, gently trying the throttle response - and almost redlining it! Now I'm thinking : Oh hell, I'm going to rocket myself right through that wall in front of me. I say my prayers, VERY gently release the clutch, add some throttle and...I'm on my way! Very smoothly and slowly to my suprise. The first thing to do is to fill the gas tank. The gas station is right across the street. I manage to slowly wobble in that direction without problems. I wipe off some sweat, fill the tank... and make yet another smooth exit - which is good because everyone is looking at the bike!

I spend the next hour in the neighbourhood practising breaking, turning and generally getting used to the weight of the bike. Slow speed manoeuvres are tricky at first and definitely need more practice, the bike feels pretty heavy - at least compared to my bicycle, ha!

Time to head for home. There's a four-lane road called Ring 1 connecting different parts of the city and at this hour it's packed with cars travelling from west to east. Speed limit is 50 mph but the actual speed during the rush hour is about 10-20 mph. As I enter Ring 1 I'm able to pick up some speed and find myself cruising at 50 mph (no traffic jams yet). Wow, I never dreamed a bike can be this stable! Everything is so easy and smooth, I'm not believing this! There's a huge cross-wind but I can hardly feel it. The second thing that surprises me is the massive torque at low rpm's! I thought that even the mighty Hayabusa needs something like 5000-6000 rpm's before it really moves. Here I'm cruising at less than 3000 rpm's and I can still feel massive acceleration at the slightest turn of the throttle, now I'm really starting to like this bike. This is what I was looking for! I bet the acceleration is close to explosive at higher rpm's but this is just fine for me now. I'm keeping the revs below 5000 and just enjoying the ride! I had to stop at the lights a couple of times but had no problems accelerating from standstill. I got home safe and sound and with a huge grin on my face: I knew I made the right decision in getting this bike!

Now, after 200 miles of riding, I'm feeling more confident (but not over-confident!) about myself and the bike and I'm enjoying this more and more every minute I'm on the bike! The Busa is definitely the right bike for me. I'm so glad I didn't get a smaller one. I'm planning on making some long trips in Finland and abroad next summer and I'm certain the Busa is perfect for them. I'm under 6 feet tall so I feel very comfortable on the bike and the wind hasn't been too much of a problem so far.

Excellent stability, tons of torque, more performance than I probably ever need. And I'm sure this bike will feel even more fantastic after I get some practice (track days, safety courses etc.) and develop skills to ride it the way it should be ridden!

I will post some proper outdoor pics later on. These are just quick snapshots taken in the garage with my S45.

Can't wait to ride the bike again tomorrow!!!  


P.S: Sorry for my crappy English but you don't want to read Finnish text, believe me  
Congrats on the bike!!, Its good to hear you are enjoying. From now on , just be very mindful of cornering and keeping your balance. Keep those feet on the pegs when your moving (some people are afraid of a bike falling over at >25mph). My harley has been in a full lean 3 times with me using all of my strength to keep the $4000 of chrome from being scratched, the busa is more balanced tho.

P.S. is it the lighting or are the turn signals really redish orange?
Congrats on the bike!!, Its good to hear you are enjoying. From now on , just be very mindful of cornering and keeping your balance. Keep those feet on the pegs when your moving (some people are afraid of a bike falling over at >25mph).

Thanks, Odyssey! Yup, I've been keeping my feet on the pegs right from the start. I've had no problems keeping the bike in balance when moving. I thought it would be more difficult, yet another nice surprise! I already find myself riding a lot faster than yesterday. Have to be careful and watch the speed, though.

P.S. is it the lighting or are the turn signals really redish orange?

It's the lighting. They are orange.

Congratulations, Pete!

The Hayabusa is a great friend and believe me, the fondness grows. Especially, when you find comfort in your skills. You will unleash the beast, in so many ways.

The Busa is so unstressed, the sky is the limit with the different and individual ways you can find within her!

Have fun, be safe and don't worry about your English, you do better than others! Believe me.
Congrats, Enjoy, and be safe! When you think you are used to her, she will scare you back into your diapers. Just take your time and you will enjoy eachother for a LONG TIME!

Take it easy for a while and try to get to the track when you want to learn more extremes. The temptation of hitting 160+ on that highway stretch or backroad is what will get you. That still gets me, especially when I am testing repairs/post-diagnosis, that is when I get off the bike and say, "whoa, back off."

I have already had enough 'close ones' over the past few years with this thing to know my limits..... most of the time, anyway.
Congratulations on the bike Take your time and get a good feel for her. Hang on tight and have fun. Yes the Busa pulls very strong all the way from idle to redline.
Yes, Congratulations on the new bike!

And your English is excellent! I would have thought it was your native language.
Welcome...FinnBusa...I just loved your story...reading it nervously..and you make it home safe.."Excellent"
Love what Cache said about scaring yourself back into Diapers
It's TRUE..

Det finns Busar i Swerige ocksa..but i live in Nevada.

500 miles on the odometer, mostly highway miles but also some twisties and downtown riding. No problems to report except for an annoying resonance sound on the left hand mirror between 4000 and 5000 rpm's. I hope it can be easily fixed at the 1000 km service next week.

I'm getting lots of admiring looks from just about everyone. Have to be extra careful at the traffic lights, though. Stalling the engine is a bit embarassing - but it keeps my feet on the ground, ehh...

I love this bike and this whole riding experience!!! So much fun, this really takes my mind off work and other boring stuff!  
Ps nice pictures of your bike...i have a blue silver.....but i really like that tutone silver.....sweet..sorry about the huge license plate you must have over there in scandinavia...
And i don't care what Brennaop sez about color either...
Owen and i can argue about that issue at Laguna..luvyouman.
Congrats on the new bike. By the way, you did pick the fastest color, but don't tell anyone I told you. This is our little secret. I only have one complaint/observation/quick thought/harassing statement/.....but dayum that is a big a$$ license plate

Don't worry too much about stalling the bike at street lights. the clutch does grab quite a bit. It gets better after the first service. Also, don't worry about your English, it is excelent!
I didn't think my license plate was THAT big, in fact I hadn't paid any attention to it. But now that I look at it, it looks huge, almost ridiculous, grmph...


P.S. 625 miles on the odometer. I'm taking her in for the first service checkup tomorrow!
That's a license plate?!?!?!?!?! I thought it was the Finnish version of the Busa fender

Great post and your English is better than folks born here (or in England...wherever that is).
I'm enjoying my new Busa as much as you are. Just can't figure out how to get the grin off my face.

Finn Busa talks about a 625 mile service check....I am picking my new busa up in a few weeks....will I have to part with it after only 625 miles?

When are the recommended service intervals on these monsters.