Did my first Busa Ironbutt yesterday


I road my first 1000+ ride ever on my busa (2002LE)
yesterday. Started at 5:15 here in Anchorage - then to Valdez - up to Fairbanks then back to Anchorage at 1:27AM. 1091 on the odometer. Had my etrex GPS with me and it verified over 1000. Hit about four five road constructions dirt and gravel for maybe 15 miles of it. Busa ran fantastic and got 43 MPG. My neighbor who is a drag racer, IronButter ex-Busa owner now Valkaye owner was impressed, that i did it on a busa.
My ears rung for a couple hours from the wind noise (ear plugs next time!!)

My Busa is stock except for Throttle meister, ST ZeroGravity,
and some home made 1" bar risers which really saved my wrists compaired to my lasy week 400 mile ride.

Weather was mainly good except for about a hour or so rain on the way north to Fairbanks, but it shed off my leathers pretty good. Temps were high 60's to about 75, the scenery was fantastic as usual up here, elevation from sea level to about 3500ft
I only saw about 2 other bikes on the road, real old 650 Yamaha twin whith a real old guy with a big beard full leathers and no helmet, and a Beamer by Denali National Park, and a Honda ST1100 which suprised me since I have only seen one other here in the last 4 years. Also saw some long range types Gold Wings & Trailers in Delta Junction parked.

All in all it was a great ride easier than I expected and am planning on doing more long range sport touring in the future. I'd love to ride to Laguna only about 3200 miles on way! might have to buy a tire for the trip back!

Got this bike in October last year and have 7200 miles on it so far, I was hoping to put 10000 on it this summer and it loks like it might happen.
Any body figured a good way to mount a etrex GPS on the Busa?
Anchorage, Alaska
Congrats!!! Welcome to the 1000 mile club
Did your "homemade" bar risers lower the front of the bike and if so how much??? and can we get a pic of them?

they do nothing to ride height, works like the genmar thing.
Just take a bolt out, pop the crome caps first. Take it to a bolt store and tell them you want four like this only a inch longer. It's a 10mm bolt fine thread, i had to use coarse thread because thats all they had. Then get some 1/2" nuts like eight of them and some 1/2 inch washers. Pull out all the origonal bolts, replace with the new bolts using two nuts and a washer as spacers. It's not pretty but you can't see it anyhow. you will have to rotate your brake line from the master cylinder down, cut off the stop tab so it will turn.
Total cost under $10 beats the hell out of what they want for a genmar or helibars.
Alot less stess on your wrists on long distance rides.
Cool! I always wondered how Busa would do on extended rides. MAYBE doing an IRONBUTT in my future. Thanks for the post
Thats what I like to see... Some one not afraid to put some miles on his bike! Congrats.

I got a stem stand to mount my radar detector..it works great for my garmin gps too.