First day - first impression


I was sorry I had to quit to go to work. I managed 150 miles my first stretch out and I would have done more if I could have. I may go back tonight for round two.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really impressed. Night and day from the Harley and it's much easier to control too. Comfort was not sacraficed for me. I'd rather be on the Busa for a day trip than my Harley. Hands weren't hurting at all like I thought they would be, just my elbows even though they were bent.

Acceleration is tremendous and I managed to pop a wheelie without even wanting to.

I noticed a very slight vibration when the engine hit 5k and above. So slight I would tend to think it's normal. Only drawback at all for me was the rear brake. It doesn't give a feeling of making the bike sit when I stop. Just something I got used to with my Harley.

All in all, I'm a very happy camper and I know I made the right decision.

Thanks for all your help.
and yet another person has crossed over to the right side of wrong doings!!!



Welcome to the real world of sportbikes. And by the way the vibration is normal.
They all vibrate in that range. Glad your happy with it, now if your like me all my thoughts went to "how can I make this thing faster" LOL As if it needs to be.
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Thats different.    
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You're right, that is funny. The truth is, I am very in tune with whatever I ride or drive and it's all part of the bonding process. I'm not complaining about it, just wondering if I should file it away under normal.
Yeah, the vibration is either normal, or a problem that affects every bike.

Mine is really bad between 4500 and 5k, but settles out above that. It is mainly bad cruising in that RPM range, if I'm accelerating, I never notice.

Congrats on the new bike, and I think we all know that 'wow' feeling.

My wife rode the busa the other day (we switched, I wanted to ride her Gixxer through the twisties) and she got off and was amazed. She thought it would be heavy, sluggish blah blah blah. She was SHOCKED. Its a darn fine bike.
Just tring to be a comic there X-harley, the vibration you feel at about 5g is normal (assuming that it's not so bad you can't see sraight) I also have a 2002 black/blue and I noticed it did smooth out a little bit after I put on the "break in" miles on it, but it never really goes away, it should smooth out a little bit also when you get into the higher RPM's 7,8,9+G (yes, the tac on your new bike does go past 6G)hehe.
Have fun!

Welcome exharleyguy..mine vibrates too at 5k or so....
The hardest part of owning one of these bikes is................
behaving........dam.......We must try to not anger the cage drivers we share the road to exploit the busa when nobody can see you cept' maybe yer bud's....... It's so hard.......something about power corrupts.....down boy down
that goes for Lobusa too..down girl... :whip:
I've gotten used to blowing right past the vibration at this point. My Busa has over 500 miles on it in two days. I just got back from riding at 3:00 this morning. I like it when there's no one else on the road but me. I can let it all hang loose, and I did.

I've come to the conclusion that all the years driving a harley have made me a crappy shifter, so I've been practicing. I've found the 1 - 2 shift to be the hardest for me to make smooth. Then there is the 5 - 6 shift that redlines to no-where. I'm getting the hang of it, tomorrow I'll put on another 200 miles if I have the time.

Thanks for all the replies, I'm feeling right at home.