First impression 06 busa after breakin


Greetings everyone,

Im am sorry I do not have any pictures of my beauty yet but she is resting in the garage after her first day of riding hard. After a 4 year lay-off I am a proud owner of a new black busa. When driving it home from the dealer, I was a bit nervous from what I read. The day was cloudy with a bit of rain left over on the streets, I could see the oil rising to the surface so I took it easy.

My breakin was under 6k for the first 300 miles, slowly increasing to 7k until 400 miles. My impressions thus far was wow this is like my CBR900RR with mods and a bit faster. After which I changed the oil and after she was really warmed up I ran to 8k a few times, letting her compression back down and up again for another 100 miles. At 550 miles I creeped up to 9k, 10k and 11k towards the end. Well today I let her loose and I had a big grin. It flat out moves, and I am very happy with the results so far. I would like to do a few mods but they will have to wait for a while.

What a great bike.

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Congrats man. After you get used to it a little more, smoothly roll it all the way to the stop in first through third... THAT will put a smile on your face.
Congrats on the new BUSA and thanks for the report. Always love to hear first impressions

Be careful out there, Bro!
I've only got a tad over 2,000 on my new LE and all I can say is that it gets better and better as the miles roll by. By July 2 or 3 I'll be back from my 3-4000 mile tour and I'm guessing there'll be a big smile on my face every day of the trip.
Got 600 on mine this morning and ran it up to 10K in third. Hee,Hee,Hee. I was smiling so much I could not hear till my grin went away.

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yeah...the key is hard breakin...I did soft one for this busa, but next one is going to be hard one...
yep...I've been riding most of my 47 year old life and have owned many, many bikes..the last two being an '00 Model ZRX1100 that stock was only 98rwhp but had a reeeeal grunty "Tuned for Torque" torque curve that was spitt'in out close to 80FTLBS but the clincher was how broad and flat that torque curve was as it would develope 70ftlbs of that 80ftlbs peak torque at a mere 2,500rpms...only had 5 gears...only needed 5 gears
and by tyhe time I was done modding it?..I had it up to 112 peak rwhp...then I went with a '01 Model Yami FZ1 which had an R1 based engine..not quite as "Grunty down low" as my ZRX but?..came stock with 126rwhp which I managed to mod up to 138rwhp/78 ftlbs peak torque...ands even though I loved them both as they were both great in their own right?...the ZRX for it's awesome low end and the FZ for it exhilerating and revy top end rush?...even well tuned and modded?...neither of'em held a candle to my bone stock busa...which is now piped with a full akro and pciiiusb...and the big dif/bottom line is this....i could get "wrist happy" pretty much anytime I wanted with the zrx or fz but...gett'in silly with the busa's throttle isn't an I thought..."finally...a bike that has my utmost respect"

anyways...that's how it was and is now for me with the busa and...L8R, Bill.