Breakin Problem


The problem: I can't get this freakin grin off my face

Actually things are going really well but I could use some confirmations on a couple of things.

After being jerked around by multiple insurance agents, I've decided to go liability for the time being. Just stay cautious and wait for 2 years for the 25 break. Anyway, I got her insured and began the breakin process. I'm using a combination of manufacturers specs and the hard breakin technique. I'm trying to stay at lower RPM, but I'm going out on country roads, and running up and down through the gears to really try and load the piston rings. I put 22 on it, then swapped the oil. I went with a Wicks oil filter. Wicks makes some really good oil filters for vehicles, so I'm pretty sure this one is no different from their norm. I was amazed at the amount of metal filings that had collected on the magnetic drain plug. Anyway, I went out for another 60 mile jog this afternoon. Again, trying to load the rings with acceleration and engine breaking. I'm not beating the engine, just trying to methodically load the rings.

I did experience a couple of funny things. I'd like to see if I could get some confirmation that this is normal. A couple of times when shifting to 6th, it didn't quite go in and rattle a little until I shifted harder. From everything I've read this is pretty common for new transmissions. The solution is just to make sure and give it a good solid shift. Twice though when I experienced this missed 6th gear, the Busa cut the engine.

The first time scared me to death because I didn't know what had happened and the oil idiot light came on. I shut her down in a heartbeat and pulled off the road and did a thorough exam. Everything looked ok. Oil level was fine and temp was still good. I fired it up again and had no issues. Ran great for a good 40 miles until I missed 6th again and it cut out again. Has anybody else experienced this seemingly random engine cut out?
It sounds like you are going about things in the right way Plunk. A buddy of mine had the same issues with his '01. It scared the crap out of me, but, after several hundred miles all was good. I would keep a close eye on it and mention it to your dealer. GOOD LUCK!
Welcome to the board Plunk,

Everything you are experiencing happened to me except the cutting-out part. I used to hit "neutral" between 5th and 6th until about 500 miles. Then it stopped missing. But I never had it stall from a miss. It is acting like it is gulping air into the oil pump? Then the engine would shut down automatically and give you an oil idiot light? This is my speculation based on your symptoms. Keep us posted in the "Common Problems" board, OK?