Breakin Oil?

Daddy Fatsac

I'm looking to be breaking my engine in pretty soon (if all goes well in the next 30 days).

So my question is what is the best oil to use until you’re fully broken in? Or do you go in different stages? First oil change 500 miles one type of 1000 miles a different type... and one fully broken in anything you want being synthetic or normal oil.
I used Suzuki Oil until yesterday with 2538 miles 10w40.
I just went to BelRay EXP Semi-synthetic 10w40 and I shall stick to the BelRay from now on.
My oppinion is always use JASO-MA rated oils, Period. Just to be safe.
And I trust & have "Faith" in BelRay.
i would put a few thou on her before you use a semi synthetic the cylinder rings need to wear to the cylinders. i just did my first service at 600mi im trying golden spectro 10w40.i dont know if ill ever go full synthetic (something about clutch slipping) just my 2 cents
My orginal motor had 14,000 miles on it till I blew it up. I was running full synthetic and never had any clutch problems.

Its been so long since I've used regular oil that I don't remember who is good.

So far the best break in oil is Suzuki Oil?