First Ride


Well I got her. Put 200 miles on her bringing her home. Man am i a happy camper.  Thinking that i might need to bring the handlebars up and back a bit. Is that a big problem to do? Other than that, all i can say is WOW  was trying to be good for the breakin period. But i tell ya thats gonna be tough.

 Well i'm pretty well whipped, 4 hours over in the jeep and 4 hours back on the bike.  But i gotta busa in the garage baby!!  Can ya tell i a little torqued.  hehehe

Night guys and girls
Congrats, Rock!!! Nothing like the 'busa to get the blood flowing, that's for sure! As for the break-in... my advice is to just have at it.. to heck with what the manual says about rpm's... you want a fast bike? break it in fast... change the oil now, for the first time to clear out any sludge and put dino back in along with a new filter.. the engine will love you for it.

Post some pics when/if you can.. we ALL like pics on this board!
good job on getting the busa but

Congrats on the new bike ROCKOBUSA. I installed Reaper Risers on my bike which brings the bars up 1.25 inches.

If you want to bring the bars up and back you'll need helibars -

Heli bars are 1 5/8" Taller - 1/2" Rearward - 1/2" Wider Overall