First impressions / pics


Hi all!

2200 km on my girl and i'm amazed. Here are two combo-pics that i made up during a day on one of our favorite roads here in Greece...

Hope you like them..

My first impressions of the bike is that it has much more of everything compared to my blackbird...But as far as the finishing quality honda rules...(i'll have pictures soon)...Something else that suprised me is the weight of the components onboard suzuki..For instance , among with the foot pegs suzuki has two "bricks" attached, each weighting 420 gr !!!!! apart from that i took out my rear flash signals and they were heavier than my buddies r1 stock rear signals together with the plastic!!!!
Looking good
Earthdog glad that your enjoying your new playmate. I will caution you though on comparing the busa to a true sportbike as she is a heavy "Sport Tourer" more sport than tourer. When your friends compare numbers with you ask them how many horses they produce?

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Great Pics!!
Earth Dog...That seat was made to sit on...Just joking...Your a curve riding motha...And you can have that shat also...
Ride on brah...