got a bike


I just got a used 97 VFR 750. the cbr was not as cheap as the vfr, but theres not really a huge difference. It has 10000 miles on it with a k & n air filter and black satin D&D exhaust slip ons. It rides good and sounds even better. insurance unfortunately is prety high on it. I cant wait til I get a busa cause i love the tremendous power on it(i once rode it) but still to much power for me. :eek: :D :cool:
Be safe and have fun, dude, so you can live to get the cheaper insurance rates when yer older. :cool:
Yeah VFR should provide a whole lot of trouble free good sounding fun. And it would definatly be a good bike to step up to the Busa from. They weigh in at about the same. Good choice I am still waiting to get my first VFR...I have allways wanted one. Someday I'll prolly get one....

Have fun, wear your gear all the time. It'll help you keep all of your parts in proper working order.

Mostly just enjoy being out there on two wheels and remember to put your feet down when you come to a stop....
Get my new busa any suggestions?
also got question..Is it easy to scratch da fairing when turning? cause i saw few scratches on my lower right fairing
Welcome wstcstrdr9r,

It is hard to scratch the fairing while cornering. Is your busa lowered? Normally scratches on the fairing are caused by someone dropping the bike or by it falling into a wall/trailer. Scratches while cornering happens, rarely, but usually with a heavy rider and suspension not correctly adjusted.

Check the outside of your exhaust, foot pegs, etc. Also, the mark will be more of a rub going the length of the bike, where it contacted pavement. Up and down/diagonal scratches mean it dropped. That will tell you the story.


Always wear your gear.
Don't outride your limits.
Don't let peer pressure get ya, if your riding in a group, its not a race. The winners always come home safe. ;)