Fuggin drunk driver!


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This is my old home town, approx 7 miles from where I live now.  This A$$HOLE turned into his driveway cutting off 2 cycles - both cycles hit his pick up truck.  He was drunk. Then the A$$HOLE leaves.  He left his own house to evade police.  They cought the b*stard.  3 of the riders are expected to be treted and released.  The other a 20 year old woman is in grave condition.  I'm almost in tears as I type this.  I hope I never run into him... Here's a link: News Video
+1 to that. I'm sure any prayers will help.
Hopefully she will make it through. Sorry to hear about it anyway.
That's just a few towns over, that really sucks!!!!!!!!!! I have a hard time with DWI 's, I will pray for all 4 to make a heathly recovery......
a lot of young kids getting hurt or dying on bikes this year in bristol..tragic story ..hopefully the girl pulls through...really hits home when you know the area
Seriously...if anyone does that to me he better make damn sure I'm dead. I don't care how busted up I am I WILL chase the drunken s-o-b down and beat him to death with what's left of my handlebars.

I hope everyone recovers to the fullest extent possible. This is just one more reason we all HAVE TO pay attention out there, you never know who's drunk enough to kill you until it's too late.

And always always always carry your road rock for those near misses.
I would take a guess, and say that the two men that were released had helmets on and that the girl(passenger) did not

I will pray that she makes a full recovery.

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