Friend killed on bike Friday


Too much of this stuff lately. Everybody be careful out there. I swear the cagers are out to get us, and we have to ride like it.

Yeah here around Ontario too, its happening way too much.

Im getting sick of hearing about this S*#t!!

And the worst is , the driver is going to get charged with careless driving or failure to stop at red, 6pts max, and thats it!

Prayers to everyone. :please:
Prayers sent.

Not that it will make a difference in the Pain and suffering of Jason, But I hope that driver gets whats coming to them.

Sad news indeed.

So many lives affected by a knucklehead cage driver. Unfortunately, this will probably be a minor traffic offense with a slap on the wrist. Makes me sick....
Sorry Cap, such a senseless, preventable loss of life, prayers for the family and friends.
Wow! That is very sad. I send my prayers and best thoughts to Jason. My condolences for his loss.

Personally I feel that people how kill another by not paying attention should get the death penalty. Not that it will bring back the victim. More people would pay attention if the punishment actually fit the crime these days. Please don't take this as hate mongering. I know of far too many people that have died as a result of the carelessness of others, and the punishment was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
sorry to hear this Cap...prayers sent for your friends and the daughter-in-laws family also
I wish there where roads where only motorcycle where allowed and Im not talking asbout the track either