Friend killed on bike Friday

We attended the funeral today, very sad. Her husband is an active Marine so there was a large number of Marines in uniform at the funeral. Delania was also in the military and served in the Army as a medic, she has been assigned recently as ironic as this sounds to the honor guard which has been conducting thousands of funerals for veterans and active duty soldiers killed. The crew that she normally works with to honor the veterans and fallen were today literally burying one of their own. Very humbling to see a 22 yr old woman that had served her family, country and church in such great ways.

She is survived by her husband Jason and her 15 month of son Wyatt.

I found out today that the truck that ran the red light never even saw the light, 4 other vehicles had already made the left turn that Jason was making when the truck came through the intersection, reports are that the driver of the truck was talking to the passenger and looking at a map for directions.....

Rest in peace Delania
Certainly grim in every way possible. Thoughts go out to affected friends and family.... this is beyond horrific.
That is so sad to read, i was hit about 3 weeks ago at a slow speed, it just goes to show that when people are not paying attention, what can happen, mine was a 17yr girl texting on her phone im sure it was something similar. Prayers Sent. please be careful and patient guys...