Front tire cupped BIG time!

I guess I finally noticed the damage my front tire took on the way to Laguna.... 140+mph sweepers did this.

If you don't know what a "cupped" tire is, just look at the tread surface. If you run your hand down the tread, you will feel (and be able to see) that the tread goes up gradually, then back down on the next piece. Looks like the scales on Godzilla..... heh.

I am not concerned, it only rides on the center now. 1/4 mile at a time.
But, if your front tire is getting like this and you do a lot of road racing or just regular riding, get a new tire!

Check your tires....... or else.


Mine looks the same just not as bad. I noticed it last weekend when I was riding in the curves and was getting tire noise. :0 Time for a new tire I guess.


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Thanks for this info! I'd heard the term cupping before, am feeling my turns are not as good, AND hearing extra noise off the tread. I beat it's almost time for an upgrade. Just gotta burn off that flippin Dunslip now...
Cache, they are regular threads, righty tighty lefty loosy. I'm pretty sure it takes a 24 mm allen wrench. I just bought a bolt with a 24 mm head then double nutted the thread to turn, either work.:)
You really tore up the tires at Laguna! Good boy!

The term cupping describes a wear pattern that looks like a scallop was cut out of the tire in a repeating pattern. the wear marks you show looks more like feathering. I had cupping on a car tire once but never on a bike. The cups extended across many tread patterns smoothly to form a shallow bowl shape (or cup). One cup would cause a hop and the next cup would form and so on until the entire edge of the tire had cups all the way around it. All you can do is throw out the tire and start over. The tire guy said it was low pressure plus a wheel imbalance and a weak shock absorber that sets up a hop.
Hey Cache,
My buddie's tire did the same thing and it was caused by a combination of under inflation and heat.
Long rides in hot weather with an under inflated tire will cause bad cupping. Not safe in high speed turns!
I saw the posts on removal of the front axle. If you have any more questions let me know.
Good luck and watch your pressure.

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