Friend Hit a Deer


Sunday ride, out on the West Side of Nashville. After our first stop, I notice a bird embedded in the turn signal of my friends HP4.

A few minutes later, another friend takes the lead and I fall in behind. As I am trying to keep total focus on my surroundings (and not looking at the speedo), all of the sudden I see a doe jump from our left, and in one bound she is broadside, all four off the ground, and in front of my buddy on his S1000RR. He didn't even have time to raise up, as he drilled the doe directly in her right side.

I am not sure what I did, but somehow I missed the explosion of parts, and the deer. I watched my buddy go off the side of the road, slowly disappear through the grass and into a gully/ravine, and after about 200 yrs he finally drove up the other side, never dropping the bike.

I met him on the other side, stopped and helped him off the bike.

He was a little slow getting off the bike, and the S1000RR was blowing antifreeze all over the engine and headers.

Crazy day.

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Donnie Walking.jpeg

Bird 2.jpeg

You guys are gonna.need to get hunting permits for the next ride! :lol:

Sorry about your friends bike, but major credit to him for keeping it on 2 wheels, that couldn't have been easy!
Wow, I'm glad he got through that alright. What kind of speed was he running?
My biggest fear right there...glad he came out of it with minimal pain. Poor RR though.. still a good outcome overall.
Damn dude!! They have been running on the west side over my way on interstate 24. It takes everything I have from not ripping on my way to work as I scan the sides looking for them.

Your buddy is a good rider to hold up the bike and maintain his balance.:beerchug:

That momma deer definetly had some young ones waiting on her, look at them teats!!

Be safe out there guys, the fawns are being born and being chased by coyotes and other predators this time of year. guys are going to laugh as most do at this...but this is what i do to avoid deer collisions here in pa. i modulate my exhaust....ok...follow me here....i have yet to meet a deer in the road in 30 years...all i see is them running away tail up...we all know to flash your lights at a deer and it brakes them from their "daze"...well following the same logic..i change my pitch in my exhaust...when i know i am entering known deer crossing area...i sharply accelerate for about 5 seconds then decelerate..constantly changing the pitch of my exhaust. one way or always sends them running....
glad to hear your friend got through it with minimal damage, that could have been a lot worse :beerchug:
Sunday, West side or East Side?

Jeez he got lucky it could have been worse. Dear are especially moving around a lot right now...
crap ride for sure but the outcome is a good one. glad everyone is alright! :banghead:
We got deer all around here so it is hard to restrain the throttle. Glad to see everyone got out fairly ok!!