For or against the 40th Busa

As a 40th Anniversary 'busa owner, I can say that I love the color, especially with the black frame and swingarm offsetting the color. I just don't think it would have looked as good with the regular chrome or polish look.

I believe I'm being unbiased because I saw the color on the SV1000,and guess what? I almost took my deposit back because it did nothing for me. My brother who was with me agreed. Then we saw the busa and person and all bets were off. The bike was sitting there looking mean, ready for action and stunning.

One last word. I put a deposit on the 40th in April, after having been told each dealer would only get two. And none of hte dealers in my area (New York City) were willing to negotiate on the 40th, but were giving fair deals on the other colors. Any body from the city get one for less than list, I believe you could now as they may be more available than originally thought.
I got my 40th last week and I think it's going to be the *NEW* Copper that everyone will want in a few years.

Mine was sitting next to a SV1000 in the showroom. Don't know if they are both suppose to be the same color, but the SV1000 is a lot darker then the Busa. Maybe a bad paint mix.
My Two Cents,

I like the color and especially the mono-chromatic color scheme. I wish Suzuki would tame down all the graphics and colors on the regular edition bikes as well. I just bought an '03 and I bought the silver & grey as I didn't think I would like living with the burnt orange over time.

I still like best, and would have bought the original silver/copper combination if it was available.

Kent Sheldon
I personally dont like orange. It has never been a favored color. whether it be clothes, crayons, or on anything with wheels. Personal prefference I suppose.
hold up the big pics just loaded and it isnt as bright as some other pics i have seen. Those look good but any brighter orange... nah.