new guy on a busa!!!


Just like to introduce myself. Bought a brand new hayabusa on christmas eve! I got a 2003 40th and I pick it up monday the 29th.I cant friggin wait!!!! I have been ridin the same 58 panhead for 22 years. I figured it was time for a big change you know like horsepower , being able to stop, electric start!! I will be looking to do some cosmetic mods right away like undertail, tank bra, bar risers. Can someone tell me where to get good prices online? Where do Iget reaper risers? thanx!!!!!
Congrats on the new bike & welcome to the board!

The black tank bra from Suzuki fits nice and isn't too expensive.  I like to buy stuff on Ebay, but do a search on the board for each item your interested in you'll find lot's of info.
welcome to the real mororcycle world!soo hold on, be careful.and have a blast.but i want to tell you you can never go back to h.d world its just not the same lmfao welcome!!just go slow at first and dont use the rear brake like ya did on that old tank!!!
Welcome to the board. Congratulations on the new Busa, hold on tight.
Welcome from NC and congradulations on your new ride.

Be warned, don't get too comfy with the bike at first. 22 years of riding a hog does not equate in experience to riding a hulk of a sport bike. Take it slow. Remember this IS NOT like your old hog. The throttle goes both ways, so learn the busa specific characteristics before you think your a speed demon.

Do the Kickstand mod. Do Not try to sit and chill on the busa like you can on a cruiser. It will roll off it's stand very easily and leave you with major $$$ in damage.

Not if, but, WHEN you enter a curve too hot just use the force Luke, and it will turn. Try not to panic and straighten her back out, bad JuJu.

Enjoy your new ride and don't forget to ask questions. Chris
A Panhead?  You da man when it comes to patience with a bike.  Use that same patience while re-learning how to ride.  Everyones post has been sound advice.  Don't discount it.

The Busa can be a beast when it's powers are used for evil instead of good.  When you get some sunshine out in Calif., you will want to take her out on a maiden voyage.

TAKE IT EASY at first.  Patience young jedi, this is not your panhead.  Oh and don't worry about your friends ribbing you for riding a rice burner, downshift and nail it.  Then say <marquee>Ceeeeeeeya.</marquee>

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Welcome donbusa.
I had a '57 Hydraglide and a '60 Duoglide, so I know what you're used to. That's a lot of mass movin down the road. I almost lost it the first time I took my busa for a ride. I was leaving the bank, turned out onto the street and hit second gear while still in the turn. Surprise, the back wheel started coming around. Unbelievable torque - be careful.
Congrats on the 40th Pumpkin Busa!

I have a Harley too...haven't even sat on it since getting the Busa...another Harley bites the dust!

Post pics when you get your new toy, and welcome!
Hey, Welcome to the board and the otherside. The Busa is a different creature thats for sure, you should have a blast...
Welcome...and congrats!! Wow, I got my busa a couple of years ago, now i want a old school got my dream garage!!
Don't let anyone give you crap about having riden something other than a Busa. This is an awesome bike and the best, in it's class. Other bikes are cool too, custom's, cruiser's, etc. Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the board and Busa ownership. Glad to have ya.

There are a number of decent places to get stuff on-line. And there is actually a lot out there for the Busa.

For general accessories and mods.
Superbike Store

For Hayabusa specific mods and performance upgrades.
Hayabusa Parts
Hayabusa Zone

Don't forget eBay. Do a search on Hayabusa. eBay

And you might want to consider some sportbike protective clothing. Blue jeans and a light jacket won't do much for you in a fall, especially at Hayabusa speeds.
These guys have great prices. New Enough

The sites I listed are by no means all that are avaliable. But they are places I go to see what is avaliable and what some prices are. I've done business with most of them and have been pleased.
donbusa - <span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>WELCOME ! ! !</span></span>

I have both a busa and a 2000 Electra Glide Classic. The busa is an awesome machine. Treat it with respect or it can hurt you quick. It's easy to ride and control at lower speeds. Just get used to it like everyone else said, then you can have all the FUN you want.

Like VaBusa, I haven't ridden the Harley much since I got the busa. It will make your (and mine) Harley seem SLOOOW when you get back on it. I love my Harley, but they are just made for a whole different purpose.

Enjoy your new ride!
Another 40th Busa.

You needed to have impeccable references to purchase an Orange Busa, since we don't want just anyone riding them.

Welcome to the board.
THANXXX guys for all the replies. I picked her up today we had a break in the weather so she didn,t get wet. I put on about 90 miles after dinner and wished I could of road all night. The bike is everything I thought it would be !!!! Fast smooth and easy to ride effortless handling and great brakes too! The harley is gonna get dusty for sure I think I will raise the bars for my first mod. any suggestions ? Heli or genmar or other? thanx again