Heli-bars to go along with my risers?


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Well, I got my windscreen(ZG DB, probably the best mod period.) and my reaper risers installed today.

I went on a two hour ride late this afternoon to see how I would feel with the new risers. I was really hoping that the palm burn would vanish. The risers made a nice difference in the riding position and did help a bit with the palm burn. I think I am looking for something a little more drastic though. After two hours of riding, my palms were still killing me. I have the 1" reapers currently;What should I do? I am really moving towards putting heli-bars on it with the risers. I have seem previous posts where it has been said the max. you can go on the risers is 3/4" with heli-bars? Is this true or can I keep using the risers that I have?

Anyone tell me where I can find the best prices on heli-bars online?

Anyone have pics of their risers+heli-bar installation? curious on how different it looks.
I think you can it just a matter of if your cables are long enough a easy solution is when you plan to do that mod get longer brake and clutch cable i think is where the major concern is at
how tall are you??

use your abs and lower back muscles to support yourself on the bike NOT your wrists!!!!

once you get these muscles built up and get used to it you won't use your arms to support yourself and you just use them to steer and thats it.

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From my conversation with the owner of reapers risers. You can run the heli bars with the 1 inch risers. You will have to check the brake line clearence and shave some of the windscreen as it will make contact with the brake and clutch resivor
how tall are you??

use your abs and lower back muscles to support yourself on the bike NOT your wrists!!!!

one you get these muscles built up and get used to it you won't use your arms to support yourself and you just use them to steer and thats it.
You are right, I do rely heavily on my wrists. I had back surgery last year for a herniated disk at L5-S1. Back probably won't be as strong as it was, but maybe I will try to not baby it and see what happens.

On the other hand, if that doesn't work, I am definetly going to look into the heli-bars plus reaper riser option.

I have a perfect set of Heli Bars that I'm selling for a friend.
I'll ask him how much he wants and take pictures for ya, if ya like.
I got this pic from a European web site.  The guy got some risers & put some motorcross bars on. Then there is this other European guy on this web site who posted his wares (sorry, can’t find it for now) & he had this real cool chromed out triple tree top clamp w/ risers that one can really get creative w/ different types of bars. Just watch out for the fairing I guess & be prepared to extend cables & lines…the cruiser guys do it all the time.  Try to get more info from the European web sites & magazines ‘cuz they seem to be pretty innovated when it comes to this particular issue.

I know 'cuz I'm getting a little older now & I'm not gonna give up my bike in the future.  So I'm gonna do a little planning for now & see what my options are IF I really need them. Good Luck.

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Yes, if your hands are falling asleep or wrists in pain, there's either lots of vibration and/or you're holding on too tight, and/or you're putting your weight on the bars. You will have this problem with any sport bike. You have to support your weight more with your abs and back, not your hands. Your control is seriously compromised otherwise.

The bike will handle like a dream if you can get your weight off of your hands, otherwise you are pushing against your own body weight when trying to turn. It's hard to do at first, if you're not used to it. The best thing to do is work supporting your weight that way for short runs at first and then working up to longer runs -- it will take a little time.

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i know haveing lower back problems too all about trying to keep that pressure off but i took that trip to WA from SD this past summer and had no problems riding all day no back or wrist problems and i just have the Gen mar riser 1.25 though i figured that was enough for me the place i noticed it the most was riding around town then out on the highway
alright y'all... so I'm stupid, someone want to make something of it...

I went out for a two hour ride over lunch and I focused on not holding the grips to tight as well as trying to stay off of the bars... Naturally, it worked beutifully... I think I could use the reaper 1.25 instead of the 1", but I think I may pass on the heli-bars afterall... All said and done, I am feeling pretty good after the ride... I will work on the technique more, but I can tell this is the answer!!!!

Thanks for the help... I don't know what I would do without all of your advice...

Here ya go Cloud.
I just talked to him.
He said $125 shiped.
Thanks for the info. sleep, but I think I am going to be okay with the reaper risers. I was going to go for the heli-bars, but I am feeling I don't think I will need them at least right now...

I am going to ride for a while with the risers and practice staying off the bars and we will see how it goes... If nothing else, I will still be looking for heli-bars in a couple of weeks

I am kind of agreeing that it was my riding position more then anything.
I can see having back problems how its harder to adjust but I would keep practicing and building those muscles and see how it goes.... good luck
I just put a set of Heli Bars on, big difference. My wrists were killing me. Mostly the right one. After Heli Bars, no more problems. Wish I had known about those, Sleeperbusa, it would have saved me some cash. I am sure someone will grab them. I recommend them highly.