New Busa Man

Dr Geekenstein


Just wanted to pop in a quick post, to introduce myself.

Just purchased the 40th edition last week, I am not a new rider, just an old timer that is going through the mid-life thing =)

LOVE my orange crush machine and looking forward to learning more about it here !!!

Name is Steve, and I live in Fort Worth TX !!

Peace !!
No other way to crush that mid life crisis than a Busa...when your on it you feel 50 yrs younger (plug-in your own numbers). ;)

Hey man...please becareful...not being a ride and buy a busa is a very bold step. Recently we had a rash of accidents on this board, I'm just concerned...take it easy bro! Rubber down baby!
Thanks DF, and yes, this weekend made me and the wife feel happier than we have in recent time.

BTW, I have 20 years riding rockets and have tasted the asphalt enough times that I have no desire to do it again !!!

You know what...I misread your first post. I thought you said you was a new rider. Sorry about the added nonsense then! ;)
Wait a minute.........50 years younger?......Lets see.......that would make me...........oh......never mind........
Thanks to all who responded with the welcome wagon =)

I can hardly wait for Saturday ! And Sunday ! Hey, for that matter, tomorrow morning I get to ride it to work.....oops, sorry for the cussin' on the forum, that nasty 4 letter word slipped again...

Looking forward to getting to know all of you here !

Replied to your email.

BTW, Blue Goose meets tomorrow, 7-9, Belt Line and Midway in Dallas. I won't be there, though. I'll be down the street at an REI meeting and won't be out till 10.
 i'm new here to
i have a 40th to and love it pulled the motor off today going 1397 with it  have fun
Hi all,

Thought I'd send out a hello also. Just purchased my 40th on Saturday also. Traded in my R6. Love the color. Wife digs it also.
ewwww! Don't say O crush!

Welcome to both you guys!

Hey Doc isn't that mid-life crisis excuse wonderful?
Welcome Dr. G, 91shplx and Orange Crush. Glad you found the right place to talk busa. This site is great if you want to learn about the beastie. I'm still pretty much a busa toddler myself but I feel at home on this board. Hopefully you guys will, too.

Enjoy your busas!
Holy Cow, WELCOME Newbies!!!!
Enjoy them Great Pumpkins!  Take it easy for a lil' while on your new Busa's, and assure the Wife/Significant other that that Sh*t eatin grin you are wearing is a perfectly natural response to the Busa!

Again Welcome  
Welcome new people, now all you need to do is decide how much / if you want to modify the beast
. You will enjoy this more and more every day.
Have any of you guys got a picture of this 40th anniversary "crush" model. We haven't seen it yet in the UK:(

DR Geek, this is my first day on the site as well, they seem like a cool bunch

I bought my Blue/Silver 2000 busa when I turned 50, best thing I have done in ages, my wife loves the pillion and it does everything and more than I expected. A fantastic machine, Keep it on the blackl stuff.....

Welcom Dr Geekenstein and Crush congrats on the new busa

Dr Geekenstein if ya get a chance roll on up to Denton on monday night around 7:30 ---8:00 to texadelphia and join us we meet there every week mostly sportbikes get a bite to eat and hang out with us people from 17--60+ are up there on sportbikes

anybody else interested let me know