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I have been watching this board for some time and finally joined. It is an incredible resource for coming up to speed (pun intended) on all aspects of this bike. I know you guys like pics of the newbies hardware right of the bat so here it is, if I do it correctly.

2003 black/grey
-Fabbri smoked screen
-Genmar handle bar riser blue light conversion
-Digital gear shift indicator
-Carbon fiber look mirrors, levers, grips
-Carbon fiber tank bra
-Corbin carbon fiber leather seats (front, back & backrest)
-Top gun undertail with paint matched hugger
- PCIIIR commander
-Active TRE
-Two-Bros X-Metal-CF C5 bolt ons
-Adjustment-tech adjustable rear lowering links (still at stock height though)

Justin Thompson
Fire Fighter/EMT
Dive Rescue

Sweeeeet ride bubba! Thats alotta mods for a new bike, good job! :thumbsup:

How many miles so far? U ride in the nor-west rain?
towel off hoser, your in bellingham eh? cookie and I are in everett, and you know swan has a coffee house in Vancouver(the flyingswan coffee house) her and Bog have a real nice crew up there over 30 riders I beleive and they meet at the cafe regularly, hit them up if ya hav'nt already they love to ride. this spring we'll hook up and do highway 20 maybe highwy 9 and the mosquito lk rd :super:
Welcome to the board..we're neighbors. Let me know when you want to try some BC year of course. Have fun:D
Welcome Justin!  Great bike...looks like you've been babying her for a while now...

Hey, welcome to your Busa home! Yeah, we all party here like it's was... er anyway
Don't forgot to put on your side reflectors and warning labels. It's the latest cool thing that everybody is doing! :)