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G'day , just introducing myself. I've been watching this board for a while and thought I'd register. Seems like alot of good people and topics come up here. I've just switched from a 2001 busa ( had to lay it down and it was wrote off) to a 2003 busa with dry nitrous, air shifter, undertail, 6'' extended swingarm, lowered, full yosh system and 42 rear sprocket. Plans are to go with a big bore kit and wet nitrous this winter.
Thanx to all
Welcome to da board .. :cool:

bike sounds like you getting ready for some serious rides ....:;):
Serious rides- but always for fun. My friend has an 03 busa with a turbo system making 375 hp so I need to at least try to keep up. Lucky for me he owns the local Suzuki dealership about half a block from where I work so replacing the bike after my accident was pain free. We swapped the salvagable parts off the "old" one and had them on the new one before the end of the week. He runs mid 8's but will admit that clutch slips and/or the rear wheel breaks loose. I'm in the mid 9's but I've only ever been at the track twice.
Welcome to the Board

We want Pictures,......Pictures,........Pictures :D

Ride safe
I don't have a digital camera available to me. What I'll do is get a friend to take the pics and email them to me and I will post them after I get them.