Fo those of you who just couldnt stand my mismatched color wheels......


Now they are both the same color. I had a local shop powder coat the rear wheel to match the front.

I kind of miss the rear factory colored gold wheel.

New look

OLD look

MUCH better! LOL You should photoshop them black to see how they'd look! I like the white though!
Just catching the front brakes. Do what makes you happy, after all, you're the one paying the bills :laugh:
According to the dealer who built the bike it was designed to sell performance parts. The reason the front was painted white was to display the perimeter rotor system.

Therefore, white was the only color capable of showing off the new ( at the time) braking system.

don't flame me too bad, but i actually like the previous rear wheel color and should of matched both front/rear with the copper. the white doesn't look right for my taste.
It looks much better with the wheels the same color.:thumbsup: It doesn't matter what color, gold, silver, white or black, bikes always look better with wheels matching. Would anybody have different colored wheels or their car?
The rear gold finish was deeply pitted after 14 years. It would have been cool to have copper color wheels, but I did not want to paint both wheels and remove the perimeter brakes to repaint them. According to the original owner, when the rear swingarm was added the choice of wheel color was white or gold, he chose gold.

The white is arguably the worst color for road use but it is very effective in highlighting the front brakes which was the intention.