First full day in Colorado.


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I have a lot more pictures to share, and I took about 7 hours of video. Let me sort through all this stuff later tonight. For now, we just got back tired and hungry. Heading downtown for some food and adult beverages. Until I get my stuff sorted, here are few pics to tide you over.

Shane wanted to make sure his tank bag didnt scratch. It was 49 degrees this morning when we pulled out.

Right before we stopped to take this picture, a small deer came right up to us on the side of the road, thank goodness my horn scared him off. Only close call of the day. We had to get some pics of the snow covered summit.


Last one for now, pretty cool pic of us just north of Silverton. Love the Million Dollar Highway.

heading off to eat! :rulez:

The only way I can describe this area is, breath taking.

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very nice, i'm glad you all are having a great time!! :beerchug:
Very nice pics. Are you posting them off your phone? If so, what kind is it? I have a Black Berry and have wondered if I could post pics from it. Enjoy and be safe
We are having a good time for sure, this country is so awesome up here, I just can't beleave it

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