First Busa/Bike owned


Hello all. Ive grown up on dirt bike started with an xr80 and last was a 2008 CRF450R modded (miss it...) Any how, also been riding street bikes since i was old enough for a permit, ive road a lot, and a lot of bikes. Finally found the bike i wanted the other day and got on this forum and burned up the search bar looking for all and any problems i could have with this bike before i bought it. Then went and inspected the bike like a mad scientist and found it to be perfect. The bike is listed in my sig, but it's a 2005 Busa 8k miles. I chose the Hayabusa because ive loved them ever since i first laid eyes on em way back. And with me being 6'8" and about 280lbs, this is one of the few bikes i can ride and not look like an idiot. All other bikes look like a pit bike when im on it. So far im loving the bike, but respecting it until im used to it. Def not a bike to jump on and push it to its limits.


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Also meant to mention, if anyone knows anything about the PCIII i would appreciate as much info and insight as possible, as of right now im not touching it. And if anyone has advice at all, ill take it.
Welcome to the oRg! Very nice bike you have there, she looks super clean. As far as the PCIII, it should already have one on it since it has a full exhaust. Did the previous owner discuss the tune? Who did it? You have very capable tuner in KC. :welcome:
It was actually at a car dealership, the only bike they had ever owned, and nobody knew anything about it except it was a motorcycle. And thanks to this forum and the vast amount of info, i got it for a steal. So i know nothing of the bike, they offered to give me the guys information who owned it before me. Still might reach out and get it but i dont know how id feel if some random called me asking about my old vehicle.
I actually paid 6k for it. They were asking 7500 on one website and the other they were asking 8900. I dont know why. But im happy with what i paid.
Thank you, ive been on many forums because of my car and this is by far the most welcoming and informative forum to date. Without this forum i wouldnt be riding a busa today (Cheesy i know) ;D
Beautiful bike! I'm pretty new here myself, cool to see someone else from Columbia, MO too. Welcome to the org
Thanks for all the warm welcomes and compliments! I do have one question. Does anyone know what website or where i can get a back seat for my bike? My girlfriend would like to ride with me every now and then and all i have right now is the cowl.
Welcome to the best board on the planet.

The PC III is something you dont have to touch if she is running right.

Most Busa owners are very cool people,I would not hesitate to give the guy a call,he's probably a member or past member of the Org.

Be a bit carefull with cornering till you are totally used to it.(extended arm and fatty tire)

With the size of you.... 6'8" 280lbs get that suspension tweeked a bit. It might be tuned for a light weight like me.

Thanks for the advice rubberside! i think i will call the dealer tomorrow and get the guys info. And yea its def different from any other bike ive had when it comes to cornering. And the PC III i think is good, the throttle response is really snappy and the bike feels so powerful through all ranges, only thing that i wonder about that could be normal is when coasting down a hill or to a stop the exhaust can pop a little bit, not constant pops, just one or 2. But it was a pretty cool feeling last night to pull into the car meet and have 30 ppl swarm your bike.
I would not hesitate to call the previous owner either. When I traded in my Ford F350 diesel I got a call from the guy the dealership sold it to a month or tow after I traded it in. I was happy to tell him all about the truck and chip I had in it. I bet the dude would enjoy talking to you. Very nice bike. I really like the mods. Tastefully done.
Thanks Adam. I would like to compliment the guy on his taste at least haha even if he doesn't have time to tell me about the bike.

Depending on what you need you might check with Ghetto Superstar Cycle Center, Welcome. It's in Tipton which is a little under an hour from Columbia. I only know these guys by reputation, which is good by the way, but the owner of this shop builds and drag races Busas. They don't exactly specialize in Hayabusas but when somebody mentioned they were looking for a Hayabusa in a Facebook group I belong to at least 3-4 different people recommended them. I've been to the shop and they were very friendly, answered questions and didn't put any pressure on me to "buy or move on".