Finally recieved my 1999 Hayabusa from the Certified Importer... I AM HAPPY!


Hey everyone, it has been a very long time since my last post. I have been extremely busy with moving back to the states and trying to get everything accomplished. Just an update on the importation and conversion of my 1999 European Busa. Everything went exactly as planned except for the exceptionally long wait from the government. The motorcycle required NOTHING for the conversion and as a matter of fact I forgot to remove the MRA Vario touring wind screen and that caused a "rejection" from the DOT portion of the government, the resolution was "remove" the windshield and it passed. According to our dicked up government your motorcycle does NOT require a windshield and therefore passed without one also because the motorcycle was in storage for so long the battery needed replaced.

So, by requesting the proper paperwork from Suzuki, inspecting and changing out the parts prior to shipping the motorcycle PASSED with flying colors... I have 4360 in the conversion process NOT including the cost for the rear blinkers and reflectors. That is all I had to change as the windshield was just removed, this price includes customs, shipping and the conversion! It was worth it to have my bike here, I have so much invested in this bike and because it was a bike my wife and I purchased together her memory will be with me each time I ride this bike! I am ready for a major ride somewhere... lol.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and gave me suggestions for the entire process...


PS.. just purchased ANOTHER MRA Vario from so no big deal on the screen.
Congrats. I would like to see the mounting brackets for the luggage.


This system is German and is from HEPCO and BECKER. Here is the link for their USA website... I have already linked to the page with the mounting system. I took the liberty of installing an additional brace from under the top case to the bottom bracing. The recommended load is only 10 kilos or 20 pounds but with this bracing I was able to increase the load quite a lot. Check out my photo, this was on my trip to North Cape, Norway. This load unfortunately BROKE the sub-frame (alum) and when I returned home I purchased a used steel one. Problem fixed!

PS... I love my PASHNIT sticker and my motorcycle garage tent! :)





DSCF8658 resized and cropped.jpg

glad you finally got her back in your hands :beerchug: i really like that tent
You get the award for most stuff packed on a busa bro! She looks very nice. :cheerleader:
I was wondering how did you break the subframe but then I saw the pic. whoa, that was lot of stuff on the back of that bike.
Here is a picture of my old krauser system on my 2001 busa.

I no longer have the bracket that mounts to the bike and the K5 cases clipped onto the brackets.


very similar design.. cool. Yeah, I packed my **** and drove to NORTH CAPE, Norway! went through Denmark, Sweden, Finland and up through Norway. The return trip took me south through Oslo, Helsinki and then down to Astonia (where I got new tires), Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and then eventually back to Germany.. It was a trip of a lifetime!
That is a nice tent ! What brand is it?

Man, so sorry I did not see this reply until today... I don't remember but I purchased this through "Louis" in Germany.. If you do a search for Motorcycle tent with sleeping area you will find several but I don't see the one I own. I believe it is no longer being made... It was very nice for my trip, I still have it but it is still packed from the move. When I unpack it, I will let you know the brand... sorry