Finally got to the Dyno!


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Just thought I would post my Dyno sheet and see what you guys think?

This is a BONE STOCK 03 Busa......(1,200 miles)

I was kind of happy because I was expecting 150 HP. SAE#'s on the sheet, STD was 161 HP and not sure the TQ!

Josh :super:

Power wise hmmmm........maybe, BDE street smart system, PAIR mod, small box mod and PCIII.

Drag mods........Rear lowering links, strap, and clutch mod!

I will probably do the drag mods first because I want to get in the 9's with the least possible mods and then go for 9.5's and then 8's!

Josh :cool:
Thanks Johnnycheese!

Do most people go by SAE or STD for bikes? When I dynoed my Cobra(453/473) it seemed SAE was the correction standard that most used.