Man Fall Bike week officially began today and there were Harley's all over the place. Man these guys/gals must have "Cycle Envy". Why do they act like they don't see you speaking. Maybe they're upset because their cycles are twice as slow, cost twice as much and stay in the shop twice as long. Just my opinion.

Anyway anyone in the area this week hit me back!
back home in Wisconsin i was there for the harley event. i cant believe how many there wer. i was afraid to go out with my bike because of all the bike gangs.

Bigdawg glaad to know theres a busa owner in MB... I'm down there all the time we'll have to hook up one and ride some i may be down there in the next week or so... and welcome to the board!
Yeh, I know BigDawg, I get the 'attitude' from the Harley guys too. Your reasons are perfectly valid. I try to be friendly on the road to other bikers, even Harleys, but when I get that look straight ahead, nose in the air attitude it pizzes me off. Could also be because at stop lights they've been blown off by busas, ninjas, 1000's, 750's, 600's, 400's, 250's, honda 90', lawn mowers, etc. :rant:
hahahahahahahaha HARDLEYs last sunday there was a ralley here in annecortes WA and record heat bout mid 80s. traffic was backed up a few miles so the hardleys started droppin like flies, I think the reason the traffic was backed so bad was because there were so many trucks pickin up scrap metal off the side of the road. and EVERY ONE I talk to about the rally, the first thing they comment on is recycling program that was goin on along side the road friggin traffic up! on a positive note, some of those hardley riders are pretty efficient, they melt down their metal BEFORE the put it in the recycle bin :laugh:
I have a 2002 Busa and a 2001 Softail Deuce. When I'm on the Busa, I love to humiliate Harley's. When I'm on the Harley, I barely acknowledge other bikes. It's part of the 'act'. Yeah it's total posing, but why the hell else would I spend all that money on it? Actually, you wouldn't believe the number of people that yell at me on the HD - and it's not favorable stuff. On the other hand, nobody gives me crap on the Busa. Something about the Busa just has a 'talk to the hand' kind of feel about it. At the end of the day I love all bikes. Even 20 year old POS.