Fake handicapped People

Sorry but too many able folks have screwed the system out of the plate or mirror tag or simply borrowed grandma's car to run up town and cheat the system. I don't keep up with it but I think in SC the mirror tags have dates and a name associated with them now-a-days. It's a 455 dollar piece of paper.

My cute little story. The Mexican place I eat at sometimes ( 14 times a week :laugh: ) has two handicap spots directly in front of the entrance , next door is a rental place that has none. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people park in front of the Mexican place and walk 200' to enter the rental place that has open parking spaces directly out front. True story. I witness it all the time.
The Mexican place I eat at sometimes has two handicap spots directly in front of the entrance, next door is a rental place that has none. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people park in front of the Mexican place and walk 200' to enter the rental place that has open parking spaces directly out front. True story. I witness it all the time.

Here in WA, a similar problem is seniors using the carpool lane doing at least 5 under the speed limit or much slower. They seem to think that because there are 2+ people in the car, they HAVE to use that lane. But really, that's not the point of the HOV lane. It's so more people can get to where they're going and AVOID the slower traffic during congested traffic. Don't get me started on the "pick-and-choose-which-laws-I'll-obey" sue-happy bicyclists...
My brother in law pulled a guy out of a Mercedes convertible one time.... My sister was in the van with Lindsay and they were about to pull into a handicap slot and the Mercedes cut in front of her... The parking space was in front of a coffee shop in a strip type mall with a coffee in his hand, my sister rolled the window down and asked if she could have the parking place. The guy shot her the finger and told her they messed his order up at the coffee shop, then he did it... He told her "Go away *****" my brother in law was in the passenger seat because he was on meds from dental work, he's a big redneck boy... My sister was telling him, no no no but he got out anyway, grabbed the guy by the collar and pulled him out, drug him over to the window where my sister was and said "I think you have something to say to her" he apologized and just said they messed his order up, he then got back in his car and backed out so my sister could pull in... Of course about 100 people saw it and when the guy walked in everyone gave him the crappy guy of the week look......

The funniest part of the whole deal is that my brother in law doesn't remember any of it and it is so far out of his character you just wouldn't believe it if you knew him.... My sister was trying to get to the pharmacy!
I've seen a ton of abuse of the handicapped parking tag, and by that I mean I *know* people that don't really need it, yet get one anyway...

My Dad busted on some woman one day at our local post office. She whipped her little sports car in to the spot, hung the tag and proceeded to be-bop out of her car in a rush. He walked past her and just said "It must be mental", her jaw dropped and that was that... :laugh:

That's always on my mind now when I see people that should NOT be abusing the tag, even if they've got some random reason to legally have one, if they can get out and rush in the front door, they sure as hell aren't thinking about the many that truly NEED that closer spot because they're in a wheel chair or have to use a scooter...

Could be his handicapped mothers car or something, maybe he was coming to pick up some1 who is handicapped:whistle: I know it seems unlikely but you never know till you know.................. If it had you that fired up you should have waited by the car till they returned and asked them why

Around here you have to be the one that got the plate or pass from the DMV or the driver will get a ticket same as if they had no pass at all.

On another note, I drive pretty large trucks as daily drivers so I tend to park all the way across at the end of the parking lot anyway
Is funny how people in general will always go for the closest spot they can find only to end up walking a decent distance alterwards inside places like malls, etc... :laugh:
I am a disabled VET and most people are suprised when I tell them. As many people do I do what I can and put up with what pain I need to so I can enjoy certain things in life I love to do
this annoys the crap out of me and I see it all too often around here with what appears to be over privileged little shids, likely driving their mommy/daddy's car parking almost inside the store if they can. Then I see some little old lady bouncing off cars trying to make her way into the store from 10 cars away. I've often gone to offer an arm for them to lean on while making it into the store or brought them a cart to use as a walker.

Still, the best thing you can do is get the attention of the police and let them investigate as necessary. In the sleepy town here its probably pretty easy compared to what it would take in Miami. Either way, as others have said you dont want to question their reasons for having/using the permit. Its perfectly fine for a LEO to question them.
I like to park my bikes in the /////// "no car parking areas", thats what they are for, right :rulez: With a car I park far away for the benefits of the walk and the safety of the car from door activity. The bike I just want up front so it's not stolen.
Wanting to vandalize a car for parking in a handicap spot reminds me of that scene in Me, Myself, and Irene when Hank wreaks that old lady's car when the young kid parked her car to pick her up.:laugh: Things aren't always as they seem, and you shouldn't take the law into your own hands...