I'm thinking about getting the micron but this HMF is sounding like a good thang too what do you suggest.
Personally, I love the micron systems. The welds and overall construction is of very high quality and the pipe has a nice deep, throaty sound to it. Now you can get cans in several different colors in both titanium and carbon fiber.

The HMF systems seem to lack the quality I like. The cans don't have that 'finished' look to them with the rivets and welds. The sound is a bit too 'loud' for my tastes, not so much a deep sound. I do like the overall look of the dual-high mount HMF systems, though.
Thank Narcissus, my guy has the same bike, same color and i didn't want to be twins but if you say the HMF aint that great I'll stick to the Micron. You're right though I couldnt get past that killer look. What pipe do you have?
go with a HINDLE not doubt, they make a speacial drag racing tappered header which is killer, you can leave harder on it but pulls better than any other.

just a thought take alook at them.
I love my duel HMF carbons. Best way is to hear and look at a bike that has the different sysstems. It is such a subjective taste. Performance is very close on all models, some being a little better.