Exhaust purchase question


Alright short and simple. I really want an HMF hi-mount exhaust, but its $1000 or so. A friend of mine has a micron full system with 400 miles on it he will sell me and install it for $350. (he went turbo). The HMF is possible but might hamper a few bike trips i want to take over the summer (Bites into my bike budget lolol) If i get the micron now i figure i can always get the HMF later-over the winter if i'm not pleased with the micron. The question is:

What would you do and why would you choose to do it?
If the money has to come out of my pocket. I would go with the Broc Davidson Hindle system. He sells it on his website for 890. and with your purchase you get elclusive acccess to  his dynojet maps so you can tune your busa to perfection. There is a set of yoush Ti cans on e-bay if your strapped for cash.

Micron is ok. You already have your mind made up on the HMF. So just save your money and get what you really want the first time. Its much cheaper :21:
Go for your friends system. You can always change at a later date. Good price and most of the systems that come from people moving up are very good. I know I sold a pair of 2 Brothers when i went to my HMF, they were like new.
Micron makes a good pipe for your Busa it will make great power once the bike is mapped correctly. I would go with the micron.