Which exhaust to buy?

Ok...I'm sure this topic has been covered a hundred times on here...but I'm new so take it easy on me! ;)
The big question...which pipe to buy? I already installed a K&N, and plan to buy a Power Commander IIIr...but which exhaust will give me the absolute MOST horsepower combined with the IIIr and K&N? I've been researching HMF, Muzzy, Micron & Hindle (Brock Davidson version). So far the HMF is leading the pack with 169hp at the wheel solely with the pipe alone, not counting the K&N and IIIr. Comments? HELP!!!
From what I've seen, all exhaust stystems are pretty close in performance. IMO, your as well to buy a system that either looks best, or fits your budget.

I use to run a Ti-force on My bike. And with the packing removed the total system only weighed 6.25pds.
I really like the look and sound of the Muzzys pipes... gives you increased exhaust flow, and finally something to listen to while riding! lost about 35lbs from stock too.



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I went with Two Brothers Slip Ons I really like the mellow growl and polished appearance...Wasn't looking for any major power increase...Look, listen and you will here what appeals to you...Do you have any friends with Busa's with aftermarket exhaust? If yes listen and ride their's and decide what you like...


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Two Brothers does have great sound, and some gain in Hp for slip ons.  HMF 4;2
2 low and  are very good.  Sound is strong and you can get 167-172 depending on the bike and setup.  Tune it with PcIII and use a BMC filter.  Geta a good deal at for HMF and other pipes.  Motorhead makes the cans a little longer for the Busa.Hayabusaparts


I don't know about hp gains but I love the sound of Yosh RS 3 race. I only have slipons but they do sound good.


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I'm like jwcfbd. I have the Yoshimura RS3 Race full system. Sound great and are angled inward so as to give more leaning clearance over stock.

If you go over to you will find a lot of performance opinions there. Motorhead who does a lot of work on Hayabusas says there is only about a two HP difference between the Muzzy (best price), HMF, Force and BDE StreetSmart. Also small weight differences.  The Akro Evo has great fit and finish probably costs the most. Remember to add the cost of a PC to the system.

After that it gets down to personal choice.



Good/best prices on Muzzy, Hindle, Akro etc

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