Exhaust Question


Are there any performance differences between a new and a used full exhaust system?

just wondering if i'm getting the most out of my used  yosh full system.
Yea, Sleeper's right. It might be louder than new becasue the muffler packing is probably more packed from exhaust pulse pressure. But in terms of performance it shouldn't make a difference as long as there is no physical damage to the pipes (dents) or the cans (road rash or cracks).
Thanks guys for responding. As far as I can tell, there is no damage to the pipes or cans.
if the cans are well used and are in need of a re-pack ,an' you're just gonna sling them on..... might lead to a performance slide.

Are you prepared to dial in a PC II or PC III ,depending.

Prob need the Pair remov aswell .

You can get away without one(PC) just changing cans , but yer gonna upset everything changin' out the whole sys.

If its cheap an' un-blemished...get it .

Just make sure it's not one of the shiddier brands thats next to freegin impossible to dial in .

Just me.....
Just my too cents...
And of course....I can , make change .