Do It Yourself Tire Rack

MPH 200

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Trying to clean up & organize the garage & I needed a spot for tire storage. Schedule 40 PVC worked out great. I used two 5' sections & put a T in the middle, elbows & adapters. $20 - there you go.

2 sets of slicks (One set mounted), 2 sets of Pilot Power 2CTs & one set of Power race in the plastic.


Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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well gee honey, do slicks really go with those gloves? :rofl: (now, about that rear stand handle under the tire rack?)

MPH 200

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well gee honey, do slicks really go with those gloves? :rofl: (now, about that rear stand handle under the tire rack?)
I made sure it was tall enough so the Pit Bull handles slide under it so I still have a walkway to the back of the Man Cave. Just roll forward.:whistle:




Lily's Daddy
now run some hot water through that pvc and you have your self some tire warmers


The Diet Coke of Evil!!!
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Adam will not shut up about your newly air conditioned space...LoL!! He is out there right now changing the forks on the SV complaining that he can't just shut the door and turn his a/c on. :rofl: :rofl: What have you started?? :whistle:


GM of Haya's in the Hills
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where is the fridge that holds the keg with the dispenser on the front? big screen so you can work on the bikes and not miss the game? pole for the dancers when they come to visit?:cheerleader:
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