Damn FJR


Just kidding, it's really a great bike. For anyone coming off a Busa who wants comfy and fast you will not be disappointed. It does pull like a baby Busa, wedges of torque  (about 90 lbs) and with 125 rwhp she does go. The faring is a door, great protection but lots of drag and you can feel it as your speed increases. But, for real life riding the power is fine.  With the sit up and beg riding position it’s more comfy for me than the Busa.  It’s also a little smoother than the Busa without the 4,500rpm vibes.

Performance: As you can guess owners are starting to tweak it already. Not too much available right now, it’s difficult even purchasing an oil filter in the US. Only about 1,400 are in the States and it sounds like a special order bike again for next year – order now and maybe by mid-summer (2003) your bike will be in your sweaty little palms.  There’s talk about the usual K&N’s and slip-ons but not much info on re-mapping yet. Also, there is talk of Turbo’s but that’s all. The bike has been in Europe since 2001 and they seem to be talking the lead so far on modifications. Hell, I ordered the optional luggage trunk and larger windscreen in October and haven’t seen anything yet. Most people seem to be more concerned with the touring modifications than performance stuff. Also, I think the main market has been the Connie and ST1100 group. BMW owners seem it stick with thier Germanic brand.


Hey Hank, you should have held onto your BUSA.I took out a BMW K1200LT on last week I'm going to buy it but as a second
bike I couldn't imagine not getting my BUSA FIXX.I know the FJR is a nice bike but,you know the rest.


3. strap a jet engine to the rear fork with a fuse that you can light while in full tuck.
Here's one for you.

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