Damn FJR


It's to slow over 100 mph, I have to down shift into 4th to get-up and go. Can you believe that?
You have what we in the "smartie artie" field refer to as PHPL syndrome.

Post Hayabusa Power Loss ..syndrome.

There are several cures:
1. buy another 'busa.
2. stop riding.
3. strap a jet engine to the rear fork with a fuse that you can light while in full tuck.
4. buy another 'busa.
How about sell the FJR and buy another Busa...I like that option.

What's FJR stand for anyways...

Was gonna add something smart A$$ed but I'll leave it alone...I think you're being punished enough. With the FJR and all.
haha.. hmm we could have lots of fun making up acronyms for FJR.

friendly junior racer
funky jumpin' rooster
furkin' jumpy ride
feelin' just right
find ju-uh rump

all I can think of at the moment.
Not really, The FJR is a very powerful and fast bike, but the Busa is in another league. Every thing else seems slow after the Busa.

Wow, look at them new clickable smilies.
Not really, The FJR is a very powerful and fast bike[/QUOTE]

It just takes a while to wake the sleeping powerful beast and you have to catch a decline to feel it true speed...Ain't that right???
And to think, I almost made this switch this year too. Thank God I came to my senses before it was too late. (also thank Krauser for the hard bags)

Hank: Do they make a Turbo kit for the FJR??? That would be cool! I really like the FJR and would seriously consider it for a more tour friendly bike. I do tour on the Busa, but if I was really going for a long tour, I think the FJR would be great.

Do they make performance parts? Exhaust, PC, turbo, etc.

Just curious!

How much time are you really going to spend 100+ mph though?

I'm sure the Freakishly Juevinile Rebel is an excellent touring bike. That's what you wanted after all ya know. sacrifices here, gains in other places, and all that type jazz.
<-- I love that smilie

What is your major malfunction private snowball!?!?!?!

When you bought the bike what were you looking for, I mean you got rid of the Busa for what reasons only you know and bought the FJR. Is it doing what you wanted other than the top end?? Nothing copares to the Busa, NOTHING!!