I have logged 15,000 mile on my daily driver a 2000 busa with a Hahn kit. I have only had one slight problem I had a little oil leak at the turbo due to a bad seal. I do admit, I make it a point to change oil every 3,000 miles and also run full synthetic oil,have replaced the tires 3 times, so cost of turbo bike a little more than a stocker,but in my opinion well worth it.I run 93 octane gas and 10lbs boost good for 265rwhp and pulling red line in 6th with stock gearing. I do not believe you can get any more bang for the buck than with a Turbo. Just be sensible and ride safe.

Yes every 3000 and syn is good. i have loged about the same mileage.
Welcome to the board! Glad to see a new Turbo member...

Your post is good news to many of us who have been less fortunate. I am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but my bike had 1000 miles on the turbo and blew the head gasket and screwed a piston. VegasDude was talking about all the milage he had on his turbo when he melted a piston.

Onviously they can be "reliable", but it takes some serious thought, tuning, and self-control.... The point i was making is a personal one. I LOVE to ride, and I would have lost a lot of riding time while my turbo is under repair... so, I would not just own a turbo since I have had some bad luck. I do think you are a minority with 15k trouble-free miles.
there are 3 of us here in chicago running turbo busa's and all three had same problem with an oil leak at same seal. Seal was replaced by Hahn free of charge and it never happened again. However at same time we all switched to Mobil oil, we were told it holds up better under the heat of the turbo, so I am not sure if the oil we were using at the time contributed to the seal malfuncting prematurely. I have logged 13,000 since doing the seal and changing to Mobil all have been trouble free. i have ridden to Deals gap in July (105 degree heat in the gap,575 miles each way plus a day at the gap) and no problems. All I can say is ride sensible you can't hold full boost for a 15-20 min time frame but can blast up to 200mph just about anywhere the road will let you. always ride sensible and be safe.
Thanks Chicago Dude..Love to hear success stories..Gotta be an ultimate "sleeper" Way Cool...jealous in Nevada.
Where did you go Chicago? Seems strange, 3 posts and GONE like a turbo boost. Just curious if your bike is still together or....?
Out riding ! This be the season ya know, I hope the brotha didnt tear anything up
Believe me Doc if I had my baby U Playaz wouldn't have heard a damn thing from me till OCT. Riding is my santuary>>>>>>2nd to my wife of course.