Chatroom 8pm central


Dis in my way!
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Thought I would hang out there for awhile tonight.. For those that haven't see it we have a new chat app for your phone.. Just go to Google Play or Iphone store and search for an application called Cometchat its free. Once you get that just enter the website URL then enter your forum username and password and your in!

Of course you can also access the chatrooms from the bottom left corner of the screen where it says chatrooms

See ya at 8....

Sorry I kinda missed out I think my computer fried trying to restore it now it wont fully start up

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It was a good time. Fun talking real time with people. Just have to stay on the page or it will kick you out.

I think if you use the "popout" feature it seems to work better, then you can browse through the forum with less problems.