Charging problems - hot rectifier


Hayabusa Immortal
I'm yet again having charging problems. I've installed a volt meter and seem to get good charging, 13.5-14V, then it drops to ~12.5 and never seems to rise with RPMS. I went on a longer ride Saturday and noticed the voltage dropping more and more.

Got it home and the battery was drained. Felt the rectifier and it was very hot. My brother, who rode with me and has an '05, had a cool rectifier after the ride.

I have it down but haven't been through any tests yet. Going to open it up and start running all the tests in the manual.

Any thoughts as to these problems? I've replaced the stator-rectifier wiring. Been through 4 rectifiers, now on an aftermarket one. Stator produces plenty of voltage (~80-85 VAC between all 3 leads).

I don't have anything high load (that I know of). Haven't checked for shorts in the system. I'm running HID lights.

Honestly stumped. I've been having problems with this bike for years now, but never have been able to pinpoint any problem. Seems I've fixed one thing and symptoms go away, then they resurface. I'm sure this is also causing the random lurching problem I've been having (low ECU voltage causing misfiring).

My brother did notice that my gas smelt raw at times, signifying misfire or partial spark.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. About ready to jump this thing off a building and get a gen 2 at this point, after owning this almost a decade now. :banghead: