Chains, sprockets, and gearing Oh MY!


So I've searched and searched and most of the posts on this topic are at least a year old or older. My '01 Busa is ready for her first set of new sprockets and a new chain, after 30k miles with the stock unit. I'm reading that DID chains are one of the best (I've always been a RK guy but whatevs) so I'll get that in X-ring design.

My questions include what gearing? I'm looking at maybe going 16/42 for quicker launches. Since there are very few places I can run top speed and after a recent "performance certificate" (read:ticket) I'm interested in gearing more toward faster off the line vs. top speed and gas mileage.

So what gearing do you guys recommend and why? If that's too much or the wrong combo tell me why. Dropping a tooth on the front should, in theory, give you a stronger front sprocket as a bonus.

Also, if you have a place you like to shop that offers a pre-made package I'd like to hear about them as well. I've looked at and Sprocketcenter but always open to other retailers if they are highly recommended.
I also have an 01 and am considering different gearing for the same reasons. I have a DID erv3 chain right now and have read that it's lighter but not as there is a trade off I guess. It's holding up nicely though and I hit the 1/8th mile track every chance I get. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what those with more experience have to say in the way of best gear ratios.
Hey QG, I was reading your signature and I had an '84 Gpz 550! Great bike, I should list my past bikes in my signature as well.

I know one thing, if you want the chain/sprockets to last get steel, not aluminum. I tried an alum. rear once and ate through it in less than 5k miles. Maybe they are better now but I won't use one again until they only offer non-steel sprockets.
Where are you in Washington State? I'm near Olympia!

Vortex Racing now has their own brand of chain made specifically for Vortex. This will be my next chain for race & street. I've used Vortex goodies for years with great satisfaction. May be worth your time to check Vortex out?
Thanks Dadofthree, that is a cool calculater for the differences!

I'm in Wenatchee Tuff. I'll check out the Vortex stuff, thanks!
unless you are drag racing and shooting for a specific rpm through the traps, you probably don't need that much. Disregard if you weigh 450. one down in front or up two or 3 up in back is plenty. I always gear up as I'm big. 2 up in back is plenty for easy take offs without much clutch work. Notice I did not say both front and back. one down in front will also lengthen the wheel base a touch, helping keep rear planted. I'm all about cornering and 2 up in rear shortens things a tad, perhaps gaining a little cornering clearance and speeding response. One other note: a smaller front sprocket is a touch harder on the chain. freeway would kill you with the combo u proposed.
I recently switched up my 03 to a 16/42 gearing combo. I had read on several forums how a lot of street riders preferred this combo so I tried it out. I was shocked initially by how much faster my busa pulled thru the gears. Before I used to be able to ride with a comfortable half hearted grip. Not anymore.... :whistle: yes U will lose top speed but you are on a busa so you got mph to lose and still blow bye most. if you plan on taking long trips or daily commutes then your gonna burn up a little more gas as well so keep that in mind. For my riding style it suits me perfectly.
Oh yeah btw I went with an EK ZZZ chain. Them things are Damn near bullet proof! A Lot of guys who run big bore and turbo 300+HP use them so I know it'll last on an average busa. Contact Justin at East Honda on here, he has the best deal on them around. I thought I got a great deal on mine till I found out what he was selling them 4 :banghead: for sprockets I went with steel vortex front and rear. The only reason I chose that brand is because they were the only company I could find that made a Black rear sprocket in steel rather than aluminum. Hope this helped
I'm running the Vortex black steel rear too. The Aluminum only lasted about 6K miles from memory. The factory chain and sprockets went 32K and still had some life in them.
According to the calculator running 16/42 will still give you a top speed of 190 in 6th gear. Should be plenty.
Actually 183mph with 16/42. Still, plenty fast and just shy of the limiter anyway so other than the loss of fuel economy should work pretty good. I think it retains the same size chain too so if it's too much I could always swtich the front out for a 17 tooth sprocket at the cost of a new master link.