California Speedway > VIDEO ENCLOSED.


As promised, here is some great track video from the California Speedway in Fontana ( hosted by FastTracks. This is a big open track on the outside strait, and a tight technical track on the infield... very challenging in both respects. The surface of the track was PERFECT SILK. In several places in the video you will see what appears to be my clutch slipping, its isnt, its the TIRES SPINNING. The 1396 big bore busa was throwin down the rubber hard on the slicks I was trying... in fact, a brand new rear slick soft compound tire was completely TORCHED after 40 mins on that track! However, it was also kicking some major ass in the turns too... I only point this out, because this video should show definitive proof that the busa is not the PIG that people make it out to be... its actually a very capable bike in the tightest of corners...

Anyway, enjoy, and PLEASE POST SOMETHING if you download the video, just say hi... Its nice to know whos watching it, and what you think!!!


640X480 > 114MB

320X160 > 48MB

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
downloading, and probably watching it within the next 10 minutes ... can't wait to see some busa-flickin' ...

EDIT: hi-res doesn't seem to be downloadable (word of the day)
Outstanding footage Nick! Hi-res was the Balz.  You'll have to put together a "The Best of NICKSLICK" Dvd. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the vids man!  I've downloaded all 3 or 4 of your latest ones.  It's great to SEE others enjoying their Busas too.  

Nick, I'd like to film my riding an am looking for a camera, any advice?  Also, seems the bikecam is nicer than helmetcam but what do you use for mounting and shock absorbtion when mounting on bike?  All help appriciated man!  I'm thinking memory foam and duct tape?? Maybe a water gel-bra insert, I don't know

SPANK them 600's....   "WHO'S YOUR BUSA??? WHO'S YOUR BUSA?!!?? "  [ssssschMACK!]
Ok, Ok, I have to watch it in low res (ancient computer)
But... Wooohooo! I went to the last M/C races at Fontana and to see you ripping the same track as the Superbike guys...Oh Yeah! I love the helmet cam!

I have two words for you...Willow Springs...I'll be the chaser.