To fast for me but looks like a lot of fun.  After the long highspeed run and into the first turn sounds like a muffler drag and looks like you came really close to the edge of the road.  Yee Haa.
As seen on the Large Version (I love DSL)

Kevin in Va.

Great Video!!!!! Got the small version, now getting the larger one
CABLE rocks also....
You guys kick ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hayabusa Immortal
Donating Member
Outstanding! Wish I could run w/ you Big Dogs. Jus remind me to stay outta the way if we ever get together.
Anyone get tagged by the cops on the Vegas outing?


Great video Nick! Wish we had some roads around here that we could run that hard. I wouldn't even try to keep up with you guys, great riding!


Protector of Freedom
Donating Member
My god! Look at that speedo in the beginning. I used to think flying a Seahawk at 150 knots at 20 feet was fast.

Great movie. Thanks for sharing.

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