Busa up!


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Amidst all the accidents, thot I'd post a positive note.  Went for a nice fall ride in sunny Iowa today.  Temp about 65.  Slighty winds.  Toted a friend and enjoyed the rolling, colorful fall scenery.  Nice green grass... leaves blowing two and fro... trees all turning MANY colorful shades... nice black two lane winding up, around and about.  One power-strait to " 65 " proved enough for my passenger and we finsihed the afternoon laid back taking in the pleasure of being alive and riding slowly to marvel at nature.  I've been in D.C. all week and needed this beautiful Busa-fix for 5 days now!!!  Rode fully geared up BTW
I will take that route again soon and shoot some video so you all can see Iowa is not only corn, cows and flatland... not where I ride anyway.  :)

Hope all of you reading the accident posts are riding in full gear and able to still enjoy the rides that stay upright.  We still outnumber the accidents, ya just don't hear about it.  :)
Yeah, me & Pimpbike rolled out today, too. Don't remember any grass or scenery tho. Oh, wait, I think that's what that green blur was. :laugh:

Seriously, we found an excellent road to ride and it's not that far from where we live. Funny thing... We turn onto the road and stop at the stop sign. On the stop sign face someone had scratched "TWO WHEEL RACE TRACK... GIVE IT HELL". So, ummm, we did. :laugh:

Got my azz handed to me by Pimp. I'm still too slow, but ridin' that road often should help me get much better. :cool:

Just wanted to add another great times, no crashes post to counter all the wrecked busas lately. ;)