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Does anyone take their busa to trackday and if so, how do the stock tires act (BT 56's?). I'm considering a designated track bike (smaller) but would like to get the feel of the busa as well. I've only been able to scrub in to about3/4 - 1 in from the edge of rear tire. Have frame sliders on the way. Welcome any insights.
The Bt56's will work well at the track they are probably not the best tire but should work really well. The Pilot sports are probably the way to go for ultimate track performance. I replaced the bt56 on my busa with bt56ss and noticed quit a bit of difference in grip the ss are a softer compound and grip better than the stock bt56. I have pilots on my zx11 and they really grip excellent and made the bike steer better. If you got the cash the Pilot Sports are the way to go for the track... Knebnr
Just did the streets of willow at willow springs raceway. I didn't go with the BT56's not because I didn't like them but because they were worn out! I took Rennsports (Metzlers) They gripped really well. No slipping and good steering.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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Thanks for the input.Looks like you had fun at willow H. I heard it's a very fast track.
I was on the "Streets of Willow" which is the smaller track. I never got out of 2nd gear the whole track. Very technical and short. Great 600 or 750 track. I had a blast anyways. Got into 3rd on the straight.

Marc "Howlin Mad"